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An essay is a short scientific or literary story that combines artistic, journalistic and scientific elements. If you go back to the history of the emergence of this term and concept, it is worth saying that the main creators of the modern art essay are M. Montaigne and F. Bacon. The special development of this species occurred mainly in England in the eighteenth century. At all times, there were different approaches to the work on writing an essay. Some writers dedicate books to this process, telling how to properly prepare for this assignment, how to collect and distribute information and scientific or fiction, as well as how to make one interesting essay from several sources of information.

But, despite the fact that each has its own approach to this type of work, there are still some general principles here. First, analyze the topic. It is very important to understand the topic correctly, otherwise you will not be able to write a quality essay. Once you have decided on the topic, start looking for arguments in support of the proposed thesis, as well as those that oppose it. Thus, you can make your essay more interesting by presenting facts that confirm the correctness of your topic or refute it. Also prepare source texts and quotes. They will help diversify your essay.

Think about the main topic, and what questions it raises. When writing an essay, you present your own opinion on the subject, using quotes and opinions of other people. You can refer to different eras, cultures or traditions. This will make your essay more interesting and unusual.

When writing the introduction, remember that it introduces the reader to the topic, and also tells all readers what your point of view is. You can start with a quote, a rhetorical question or a joke – it all depends on your creativity. The main part includes your thoughts on the topic, and also contains links to the conclusions and their interpretation. In this part, it is important to present all the facts that you collected earlier and express your point of view. The conclusion summarizes the main idea of ​​the essay, emphasizes your position in relation to the topic or points to the multiplicity of its interpretation. You must remember that the text should be clear – do not move far from the topic. Be original – imagine a new point of view on this topic, but remember that it should be yours. Try not to use too famous quotes. Write more in the first person singular: “In my opinion …”, “I think that …” and so on. This will help demonstrate that you are sharing your opinion, which is extremely important. Use rich vocabulary, metaphors, and aphorisms. It will also make your essay quality.

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